The current team is a new research collaboration, yet each member has demonstrated intellectual synergies that tie to mutual research expertise on sustainability, water governance, management, and technology development.  Post-doctoral research associates, graduate students, and TWRI researchers will join our team over the next year or so.

Our project also includes a mentoring plan designed to advance professional training and mentoring. We propose a team-based design that includes graduate students, TAMU faculty and post-doctoral scholars. The team will be required, as part of his or her training, to design a weekly interdisciplinary working group on urban water insecurity that includes cross-cutting topics and readings in urban resilience, water management, and engineering.  This working group will offer post-docs, researchers, and graduate students opportunities to develop a community of practice within which to exchange ideas, deepen their knowledge of the literature, engage with faculty, and created linkages that result in co-authored publications.

Team members include: Principal Investigators, Post-Doctoral Researcher, and Legal Interns